Do you have a national holiday, a birthday, a commemoration or a wedding? You want to attract attention, marvel, generate emotion to your audience, family? Kervenka events created for you a pyrotechnic spectacle to breathtaking you. Its creativity is at your service to design the show  “tailor-to-measure” that you expect.

Which says custom-made also suitable for all budgets, quality work and security.

A fireworks match for your budget

Your budget is tight, but has this always been your dream? Or you want to spend without counting?

Kervenka event adapts to your budget constraints. From the first contact with you, in addition to the desired place, the budget will be requested. From these two data, Julien will be able to make you a creative proposition. In fact, the choice of venue determines, if authorized by the prefecture or the town hall, the feasibility of the project. Then if this is the case, the budget will determine the scope of the show, the choice of pyrotechnic articles, the effects, etc.

An original and quality pyrotechnic design

Julien will propose to you according to your desires, pyrotechnic effects to create aerial pictures of different colors, shapes, different heights, special effects and finally the apotheosis with a final bouquet. The whole can be accompanied by music to constitute a complete spectacle.

He will be your pyrotechnic director: from conception to launch on D-Day.

Kervenka events also offers decorations for your gardens with shapes like a heart or letters (see below).

A show carried out safely

Safety is paramount in the development of your fireworks project. The team is certified C4-T2. In other words, the artificers of Kervenka events are qualified to manipulate the most dangerous category of pyrotechnic articles. This category includes high-hazard F3 and F4 fireworks that are intended to be used only by persons with “special knowledge” and whose sound level is not hazardous to health Human.

Depending on the location chosen, safety distances will be put in place. A perimeter of the firing zone will be delimited with restricted access to the authorized persons. And finally, fire fighting facilities will be installed.

Kervenka events makes every effort to offer you a quality service in the rules of pyrotechnic art. Contact us if you need further information or to request a quotation.